Cedarville State Forest

Among the many state parks and forests in the land of Maryland, Cedarville State Forest ranks high on the list of favorites. It is located at 10201 Bee Oak Rd, Brandywine, MD 20613. With more than a dozen trails and a 20-mile freshwater swamp in its rear yard, it isn’t hard to see why this stately abode is a perennial favorite among horse and human types. The most laudable of the equine types can find plenty of adolescent companions on this acre of Maryland heaven. Not to mention the perks of a county wide school district. Fortunately, the state is a tad smaller than its more well to do sibling, thereby ensuring a low buck, high brow experience for the equestrian. The best part about this little corner of the state is that it is just a hop, hop, hop away from the heart of Baltimore and its ilk. The area is not only home to Maryland’s biggest employer, but a host of small business owners looking for the next best thing to a home or office.

The Cedarville State Forest is actually one of Maryland’s most popular tourist attractions, if for no other reason than its proximity to DC. Besides the state’s best golf courses, it’s also home to one of the state’s biggest sand dunes, and a plethora of equestrian facilities, including a surprisingly good horse stable. Browse around this site

The state forest has a campground, too. The Rapidan Wildlife Management Area is located just outside the state forest and provides camping and horseback riding opportunities. There are also 14 producing fields in the forest, which contribute to the national food basket. The Washington Duke Hotel is also located nearby, and provides air-cooled rooms, 24-hour service, and a restaurant. A nearby area of the forest is known as the Battle of Shiloh National Cemetery, and is the site of the interment for those who fell in the battle of Shiloh. Next blog post

The Cedarville State Forest is also a great place for horseback riding, as its horse trails don’t have rocky terrain. In fact, they are mostly flat and have small hills.