5 Places to Hike Near Clinton, MD

Are you ready to hit the trails and explore the wild landscapes of Clinton, Maryland? Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or starting outdoor adventures, there’s something for everyone here in charming Clinton. 

From lush green forests to picturesque riversides, this area offers some of the best hiking spots that nature has to offer. Today, we’ll round up all of our favorite places to hike around town so that we can make sure that you get an unforgettable experience. So, grab your boots, and let’s embark on this journey together!

Cosca Yellow Loop 

Located in Southern Prince George’s County, one of the top attractions in Clinton is the Cosca Yellow Loop (a part of the Cosca Regional Park, MD). This around 8-mile loop takes adventurers through various terrains, featuring winding paths surrounded by trees, shrubs, and wildflowers. 

The trail is not well-marked, but you’ll easily identify it past the purple and orange loops because of its yellow blazes. This fairly-shaded loop offers moderate difficulty due to its hilly terrain and features several scenic overlooks with breathtaking views of the surrounding area. Visitors should park their vehicles a bit far from the trail to access this loop and then head down to the trailhead near Indian Creek Road. 

Address: 11000 Thrift Rd, Clinton, MD 20735
Number: 301-868-1397;TTY 711
Website: https://www.pgparks.com/3248/Cosca-Regional-Park 

Rosaryville State Park 

Another excellent spot for Clinton hikers is Rosaryville State Park in Upper Marlboro, MD (near Cheltenham). Here, visitors will find 10 miles of trails perfect for walking or biking. The park’s terrain ranges from flat sections along creekside paths to rugged hillsides covered with rocky outcroppings and thick forest vegetation. 

For those who love wildlife viewing, Rosaryville State Park offers plenty of opportunities to see birds, deer, foxes, beavers, and other animals in their natural habitat while on your hike. Access points are located off MD Route 301 or MD Route 5, which allows visitors easy access to the park’s many trails.  

Address: 7805 W Marlton Ave, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772, USA
Number:  +1 301-856-9656
Website: http://dnr.maryland.gov/publiclands/pages/southern/rosaryville.aspx

Cedarville State Forest 

Located on Brandywine Road in Prince George’s County, Cedarville State Forest is a 5,000-acre state park perfect for hikers of all levels. Boasting 10 miles of trails ranging from easy strolls through flat terrain to challenging treks up steep slopes and hillsides, it offers something for everyone. 

This forest’s trails offer stunning views of forests, rivers, and streams, along with plenty of wildlife like deer, beavers, and foxes. While exploring the forest, you will also come across several old-growth trees that have been standing since before colonial times. You can access the trailhead from one of two entrances – one at Brandywine Road or one on Cedarville Road. Both entrances provide ample parking, and restrooms are available at both locations. 

Address: 10201 Bee Oak Rd, Brandywine, MD 20613, USA
Number: +1 301-888-1410
Website: http://dnr.maryland.gov/publiclands/Pages/southern/cedarville.aspx

Babcock Mountain Trail 

For a more challenging hike, head over to Babcock Mountain Trail. Located near the exit from Route 495 onto Route 5 southbound, this trail spans 8 miles of scenic vistas and beautiful views. 

It’s also known as one of the best spots for bird watching in the area – you can spot everything from owls and hawks to songbirds like cardinals and sparrows along your journey. The trail features several access points, so you can tailor your hike to whatever length suits you best. 

Address: Rock Creek Rd, Clinton, MT 59825, USA
Website: https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/lolo/recarea/?recid=10284

Welcome Creek Trail

Located just off MD-197, near Clinton, Montana, Welcome Creek Trail is ideal for those who want to experience nature without driving too far out of town. This 6-mile trail takes you around a large pond before looping back toward its starting point. 

Along the way, you will cross several bridges providing picturesque views of the surrounding area while enjoying sights like cattails swaying in the wind or dragonflies flitting around your head. As a bonus, several benches are scattered throughout the trail, making it a great spot for taking a break or stopping for a picnic lunch with friends or family members. 

Address: 24 Fort Missoula Road, Missoula, MT 59804
Number: 406-329-3814
Website: https://www.visitmt.com/listings/general/national-forest-trail/welcome-creek-trail

Rounding Up

With so much beauty and natural wonder to explore, there’s no better way to experience Clinton than taking a hike on these awe-inspiring trails. Clinton has plenty of hiking spots for outdoor lovers looking to explore nature without traveling too far from home. 

With stunning scenery and plenty of wildlife sightings, there’s never a dull moment when exploring these unique hiking spots in Clinton. So, grab your hiking gear and get ready to hit the trails. Have fun exploring.