5 Nicest Areas to Live Near Clinton, MD

Are you in search of the perfect place to call home? You don’t have to look far when considering Clinton, MD. This wonderful town is just outside the bustling city of Washington, DC, offering peaceful settings and a relaxed atmosphere. There are plenty of recreational activities too!

The people here are friendly, the food is amazing, and the fun never ends here.

Clinton has managed a 67% score for livability, according to AreaVibes. That’s why it makes one of the top neighborhoods for those looking to settle down in the suburbs.

We have listed the five best neighborhoods in Clinton, MD, so you can make an informed decision.

Clinton Heights

Are you excited about living in a suburban neighborhood with large homes? Consider Clinton Heights, then. It is a posh neighborhood with beautiful homes and amazing people. Your neighbor will probably be from a Sub-Saharan African ancestry and working in a management occupation. There are also quite a few government-employed people here.

The area has five schools. So, if you’re a family with kids, you can rest easy that your child will have access to quality education. You will also find plenty of recreational areas and parks, making it a great place to spend time outdoors.

In terms of rent, Clinton Heights is expensive – $3600 is the average monthly rent here.

Summit Creek

If you don’t mind old establishments, Summit Creek is a good option. The houses in this neighborhood have been standing tall since the 1970s. Hey, but they still look great. Most of these are medium houses with 3 to 4 bedrooms. And if you look hard, you may also come across some large ones with five or more bedrooms. 

The area has three schools, so you don’t have to worry about education for your children. Older people will find plenty of recreational spots in the area, making it great for a stroll.

If you like traveling by train, the good news is that’s how your regular commute to work will be. In addition, the monthly rent here is a bit lower than in Clinton Heights, averaging around $3000.


There is something about modern construction that wins over a homeowner’s heart. Windbrook is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Clinton, MD. This neighborhood has a high concentration of homes built in the 2000s. And, compared to Clinton Heights, the average rental price is $200-300 less. It is why it’s slightly hard to find a spot in this neighborhood.

But if you get lucky, you’ll live around federal government workers who will keep you in the loop about all the latest news and happenings. There is a good mix of racial backgrounds here too.

The neighborhood also has six schools that cater to kids from KG to Grade 8.

Fox Run Estates

A neighborhood between Summit Creek and Clinton Heights, Fox Run Estates, is a great option for those looking for slightly cheaper rentals. You may find a medium-sized house with three to four bedrooms for $2500 monthly rent.

The area has a good number of ethnic groups, making it diverse and vibrant. Plus, the schools in this region offer classes till Grade 12.

About 50% of the residents here work as executives or managers, while the rest are small business owners, operations personnel, and sales representatives.

It’s the ideal place to be if you’re looking for an area with a suburban feel and access to all the amenities of the city.

Oak Orchard

Another neighborhood offers rent well within $3000 monthly – Oak Orchard. This neighborhood is a bit older than the others mentioned above, but it has remained popular over the decades.

Most of the houses here have three bedrooms and medium size. The area is well connected to the local metro station and nearby bus stops. Plus, there are seven schools in this area, so you don’t have to worry about education for your children.

You’ll also enjoy a conversation with other residents, as the area is quite diverse in terms of ethnicity and race. Jamaican, African-American, and Latino residents make up a big part of the population. You might even find someone to carpool with from here, as most residents use a private automobile as their primary mode of transport.

Final Thoughts

Clinton has the vibes from the past and the spirit of modern times. You can spend your days exploring the natural beauty, shopping in the urban markets, or simply enjoying the quiet moments of solitude.

No matter what you’re looking for, these five neighborhoods will give you the suburban lifestyle with all the convenience of city living. So, make your choice wisely and start making new memories in Clinton.