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There are many reasons that someone would be considering window replacement. Some windows are harder to replace than others. PenWin windows can replace any window that you need and install any window you desire. With the specialty window designs and the double-panned windows that we have today; the difficulty of window replacement is growing. A major reason people are looking into window replacement is environmental. When you are looking to increase the insulation of your house, double pane window replacement will increase your ability to keep the warmth in and keep the cold out. If you are living in a hotter environment, your goal of widow replacement is to keep the heat out and the cold in. 

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This process of window replacement is known as weathering your home. The window replacement professionals will come to your home and focus on window replacement as well as tearing out the old window frames. Once the windows and the frames are taken out, they work on the complete window replacement process. The second step is to install the frames. These are window frames that will hold two and sometimes three windowpanes. So that in the future, when you needed a window replacement because of a ball or hail, you will only have to replace the exterior window and will not hurt the insulation of your home. 

With this process of window replacement, the heat or the cold of the outside is only affecting the outside window. The window replacement crew will create a "bubble" of air between the outside window and the internal window. 

This bubble will stop the environmental elements from coming into your home. With this type of window replacement you are decreasing the amount of money that you are spending on heating and cooling. 

Many people see this kind of window replacement as a way to lower your bills and thereby increase the amount of money you have to do other home improvement projects or simply put more money in your pocket.

No matter the reason you are deciding on a window replacement always make sure that you are hiring a licensed professional that has a proven track record of putting in windows. Windows are more important than most people realize, they are your protection.