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A roof is the uppermost part of the building that provides protection against rain, animals, heat, sunlight and wind. In most cases, the purpose of roofing is to provide protection against rain. There are various aspects of roofing that depend on type of roofing material, purpose of the building, architectural design and construction’s traditions.

There are various roofing materials including copper, banana leaves, laminated grass, wheaten grass, pre-cast concrete and aluminum sheet. Currently, ceramic tiles are becoming more popular roofing materials. Roof construction depends on whether the roof is pitched or not, how the underneath space is bridged and method of support. The pitch depends on stylistic factors, practicalities, aesthetic and traditions. The roof should be durable because it is very hard to access the roof for renovation or repair. Destruction or damage of a roof has serious consequences.

The purpose of any roof is to protect people and their possession against unfavorable weather conditions. The insulating property highly depends on roofing material and the roofing structure. Any kind of a roof assists in keeping out water. The roofs repel water and direct it in a suitable area to avoid it from causing any inconvenience and damage.