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Okay, you've finally come to grips that you need a new roof in Clinton Maryland. It’s time to start researching what may be the best and most affordable option for you and your home. Then you come across a company in Clinton Maryland 20735 called Penwin that specializes in metal roofing. For longer than most people can remember shingles have been the number one choice among homeowners in the roofing business. When it comes to having new roofs put on their homes or simply repairing the roofs in spots that need it shingles have been the first thought. However, like most things, there are other options available that may appeal to certain Clinton MD homeowners. A while back rubber roofs had their moment in the spotlight, but lately, metal roofing has been becoming increasingly popular in Clinton MD.

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Metal roofing has turned the corner and is making its mark in the roofing business in Clinton MD for a number of reasons. One of the best reasons is that metal roofing can be installed over any shingle roof, which for homeowners in Clinton MD can save a lot of stress with how quickly the weather can change. If you discuss the matter with Penwin Metal Roofing we'll prove it to you and probably save you time and money.

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Here at Clinton MD Penwin we have been in the roofing business for a long time, and we have found that metal roofing has many upsides that may not be well known in Clinton MD. There are common misconceptions about metal roofing that we would like to put to rest today. It is often thought of that metal roofing causes much more noise in weather, including rainstorms. As we all know in Clinton Maryland 20735 this could cause much concern. The fact is that the quality of product and quality of work done by Penwin Metal Roofing will not only match that of shingle roofing but also often exceed expectations and cancel out much of the noise caused from heavy rain. Many other upsides to metal roofing include avoiding termites, fire, rot and mildew. We guarantee all of our products.

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Another notion to consider may be when listing your home for sale. Many homes that are put on the market in Clinton MD will remain listed if they have faulty roofing in need of replacement or repair; we all know it can be a daunting project. Most lending companies will require that a home inspection be performed before the sale of a property is completed. If the properties roofing is in question it can cause many issues in the sale of a home. At Penwin Metal Roofing we suggest you replace your roof in Clinton MD in turn increasing the value of your home. New homebuyers will love it and you will reap the benefits. Penwin Metal Roofing has been a well-known and trusted company in Clinton Maryland for many years. Call today for a free, no obligation consultation. We guarantee you will be happy with our product and customer service (443) 637-1877.