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A home in Clifton, Maryland is an investment for the future. It includes many components that require maintenance. For example, siding replacement in Clifton, MD for siding that exists on the exterior of the home can be a costly project if you do not give siding replacement plenty of forethought. When considering siding replacement, a Clifton, Maryland Baltimore City home owner must take many things into consideration, such as the type of siding, the material used for the siding, the installation of the siding and the cost of the siding, which PenWin Clifton, Maryland offers the best prices around. 

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PenWin offers many types of siding in Clifton, Maryland 21213 to choose from when planning a siding replacement. One type, which is very common and has been used for decades, is vinyl siding. A vinyl siding replacement would prove to be the most expensive option in most cases. This type of siding can be easily accessible in many colors for siding replacement in Clifton, MD. It is especially popular for a Clifton, Maryland single residence home. This type of siding replacement would last for a lifetime and usually comes with a Clifton, MD warranty to guarantee its longevity. This type of siding replacement is also considered a green option because of the way it is manufactured as well as recycled. 


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Another type of siding that is a good option for Clifton, MD siding replacement is called wood siding, which can actually be made in two different ways. Engineered wood siding uses wood sawdust and particleboard in a compressed manner to form the siding and traditional wood siding is made up of actual lumber. The Clifton, Maryland 21213 engineered wood option is the newest form of siding on the market and is a great lightweight option in comparison to traditional wood. Choosing Clifton, Maryland replacement siding of this nature will give extra advantages to the homeowner because it will eliminate insect damage, which occurs because of the material used to construct the siding. Engineered siding replacement planks are made of some recycled materials, which also makes it a green option for siding replacement in Clifton, Maryland. Another Clifton, MD siding option is a cement and wood combination siding called fiber cement siding. The two materials, in conjunction with sand, form a durable and long lasting siding.

It is also manufactured in a way that will prevent insect damage and resist water damage. Although this Clifton, MD siding replacement material is made of some recycled materials, it is not the greenest option for siding, but it is virtually maintenance free, which makes it more desirable to many Clifton, Maryland homeowners. The installation of this siding replacement is more difficult due to the weight of the product and this means it might be a more costly labor component to the price when choosing this siding replacement option. Siding replacement in Clifton, MD is a great way to add value to a Baltimore City home or other building because it protects the structure. PenWin Siding replacement offers the best prices in Clifton, Maryland and we can help a homeowner save a bunch of cash. Each Clifton, MD home is different, and because of this, there is not one perfect siding replacement option for everyone. Looking at each project as a unique home will help to choose the perfect siding to add beauty to that home.